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How to choose the H.265 4K ( MDVR )vehicle Mobile DVR (mobile digital hard disk video recorder) correctly?

How to choose the H.265 4K ( MDVR )vehicle Mobile DVR (mobile digital hard disk video recorder) correctly?

What is an H.265 MDVR/Vehicle DVR/Mobile DVR /Car DVR /Mobile digital video recorder?

It is a computer system for image storage and processing. It has the functions of long-term video recording, recording, remote monitoring, and control of images/voices. It combines digital video and audio codec, harsh environment large-capacity data hard disk storage, automotive electronics, advanced technologies such as wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning, etc. realize the audio-visual monitoring of passenger transportation industry, special vehicle industry, and other related fields.

What factors should we pay attention to when choosing an H.265 4K Vehicle Mobile DVR.

Taxi, urban buses, long-distance buses, school buses, logistics transportation, traffic management, engineering transportation, transportation and law enforcement, bank escort, etc., different industries have different product requirements. How to choose has become a difficult problem.

As a construction company, because of the use of inferior products, they are afraid of on-board engineering projects and are exhausted and exhausted by the after-sales service of inferior products. For the market is full of various Mobile DVR, many assembled, modified, and mixed MDVR are shipped to customers without a strict production process. Such a product is not guaranteed. If there is no research and development capability, no technical support, and the pursuit of short-term benefits, it will ultimately damage everyone's common reputation.

H.265 4K MDVR manufacturers are divided into three categories:

1. Professional R&D and production type. This kind of enterprise completely researches and designs products independently, and has at least 3-5 years of experience in H.265 4K car video recorder research and development. This kind of enterprise may have fewer products, but the product quality is reliable, and customers can get many follow-ups Technical support.

2. Production and processing type. The conventional practice of this type of enterprise is to use a public housing solution + a common chip machine board. The housing is provided by a third-party mold manufacturer, and the internal main control PCB board with an H.265 4K MDVR is also provided by a third-party manufacturer. Such enterprises reduce costs through mass production, but product quality and subsequent technical support are difficult to guarantee. The reason is simple, they do not have the relevant technology themselves

3. OEM type. This type of manufacturer purchases products from third-party companies and sells them under their own company's brand. This is almost a blank technically. Often like this type of foreign trade company, salespersons often even perform basic product operations. No, just start external sales. How can we provide relevant after-sales service in such a situation?

In the early years, there was still such a strange phenomenon in the MDVR market. Some people usually make desktop DVRs for civilian use. When customers inquire, after receiving the order, simply change the ordinary desktop DVR and use it as a car DVR. Come to sell. But this phenomenon has not been seen in 1-2.

Therefore, a professional car video recorder R&D manufacturer is the prerequisite for choosing a product. How to judge the quality of the product? We will analyze the system, function, power management, shockproof function, data security, and other aspects. The stability of the car video recorder is a comprehensive factor. Some manufacturers advertise that the most important thing is the power supply design, or the shockproof design, or the File system design every point is very important. Any design defect will affect the stability of the product. If the video is not clear, there is no monitoring significance. Secondly, it needs a power-saving function: when the vehicle is stopped, if the car video recorder Long-term operation will cause certain consumption of the car battery, which will easily cause the car to lose power and fail to start, reduce the service life of the battery and increase the cost of the car. Maybe some engineering chambers will solve the problem by connecting the power supply to the switch, but in this way, The driver can control the switch of the device, and cannot fully monitor it. Also, the power failure of the device will cause great damage to the hard disk.

HD1080P Vehicle camera system:

At present, the vast majority of the market uses the Hi3512/3515 main control, using the H.264 video compression method and the most efficient video compression method H.265 main control that has just been put on the car market in the last 1-2 years. Mainly Hi3521, Hi3520V40. Whether it is 3512, 3515, 3520, it is mainly aimed at video resolutions of AHD960, 720P and below. The best way for high-definition 1080P is to use H.265 high-efficiency video compression method, high-definition picture quality, and occupy large storage space. If under the same conditions, the storage space required by the h.264 compression method is twice that of h.265. The system runs fast, and the network transmission takes up little bandwidth. These are the advantages of H.265. Some people must know that the latest Hi3520V400 can also use H.265 compression, but it is not known how many manufacturers have begun to apply it to the product. Therefore, at present, only Hi3521 adopts the H.265 compression method to truly realize the full-frame full HD 4K effect.


The vehicle Environment is very complex, all kinds of accidents may occur, to ensure the automatic recovery of equipment after accidents, timely data integrity, security. When an accident occurs, the scene of the accident can be presented and restored in a timely and complete manner. Ease of data backup: In the event of an accident customers need to save the video data, which hard disk access is also an optimization factor.

Intelligent power management

The power supply design of the car video recorder is very particular because car power mainly comes from the car battery, the car in the starting, and the driving process. In particular, the ignition voltage will be pulled very low by the engine, the voltage may rise very high when stepping on the accelerator, the occasional instantaneous voltage may exceed 48V, therefore, it is required that the power supply design of the vehicle-mounted hard disk video recorder can adapt to this environment. The working voltage range of the vehicle-mounted U Disk video recorder is 9V-36V wide voltage design, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment at low voltage, in the presence of instantaneous high voltage can also be good protection against damage to equipment, VCR file system design, VCR can be said to be a new product, plus many manufacturers do not have the design experience of the file system, at present, many cars on the market use ordinary DVR file systems. Such file systems are very fragile and can not cope with all kinds of abnormal situations arising from the use of vehicles, such as a sudden power failure caused by incomplete files, replacement of the hard disk, broken files can not play properly, and so on.

Shockproof function

Shockproof mainly refers to the shock-proof processing of the machine itself, as well as the storage hard disk processing of these two aspects. Environmental Factors of vehicle use. If there is no shock-proof function, it is very easy to cause bad data read and write of the hard disk, and the car hard disk recorder can not run properly

There are probably two ways to do this:

1 shock-proof method for hard disks: Foam pads, plastic pads, spring-loaded gaskets, silicone hard disk cases, etc.

foam sponge/plastic pad: Low cost, poor shockproof effect, does not meet the current user needs. Image:

Coil oil bladder pad: high production cost, difficult for users to operate and use. As shown:

Silicone-type shock-proof hard disk box: It adopts a four-point suspension design, which can well balance the shock of the hard disk caused by the driving process of the vehicle. In the process of reading and writing the hard disk, there will be no errors due to the vibration of the vehicle, and it is very convenient for users to install or disassemble. As shown:

2) Anti-vibration methods for car video recorders:

Ordinary rubber pads have poor aging resistance, too hard material, unsightly design, large volume, inconvenient installation, and inconspicuous shockproof effect;

The spring ring pad is made of steel material, which has high hardness and poor aesthetics. It has the same properties as ordinary rubber pads. As shown:

The four-point suspension shock-proof design, this design, well solves the vibration generated during the driving of the vehicle and keeps the vehicle-mounted MDVR running stably and safely.

The author believes that the best anti-vibration effect of the H.265 4K MDVR/ Vehicle Mobile DVR /Car hard disk video recorder at present should be a combination of two methods. Through effective anti-vibration protection of the hard disk, the read and write data of the hard disk is guaranteed. Protect the security of the data. The anti-vibration protection of the vehicle-mounted video recorder itself effectively guarantees the stable operation of the system. Only through the stable operation of the system can the data we get is true, complete, and effective. As shown:

By 2021, the automotive safety market will have strong demand for Full HD 1080P. H264 can no longer meet the needs of consumers, so H.265 is imperative. High-definition effects, smooth operation and technological development are all achievable. But please keep your eyes open to distinguish the real HD effect.

In summary, when choosing an H.265 4K MDVR/ Vehicle Mobile DVR /Car DVR product, you must choose a manufacturer with relatively strong technical strength. Product functions should be practical. Professional products must have specific functions, while omnipotent products have some "showy but not real" functions. It's just a gimmick for the benefit of manufacturers. Stability is the foundation of the H.265 4K Vehicle Mobile DVR, and the integrity of the data is the key to the H.265 4K Vehicle DVR. The quality of the product cannot be lowered because of the price factor, otherwise, the after-sales maintenance cost will become a hurdle that you cannot pass on the road.

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