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Expose some unknown secrets of China's MDVR manufacturing plant

In production factories, we can usually see production workers, equipment, production lines, production workshops, public offices, sample rooms, and warehouses. And various product certifications, patents, and invention certificates.

That's right, almost all factories are like this, showing our factory to our customers. But the factory will not show the design procedures and design drawings. Because these are all trade secrets, they are the core competitiveness of a factory. If the design technology is low, it is easy to be copied and imitated. However, the technical content is high and the technology is difficult, and it is also afraid of being plagiarized.
At this time, it is extremely important to have independent intellectual property rights.

As a manufacturer of MDVR and Vehicle ( car ) cameras, today we are very confident to show you this most secret part through video.
MDVR(Vehicle Mobile DVR) has independent and self-control power in all links from R&D, design, and production.
Therefore, we can show it generously.
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