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You are invited to test the sample IP69K Vehicle car camera for free

You are invited to test the sample IP69K Vehcile / car camera for free

In view of the high quality of our car cameras and the impact of the epidemic, we decided to provide free test samples for new and old customers. For everyone to reduce purchase costs and expenses, at the same time, you can have the opportunity to experience the performance and effects of the high-quality Vehicle camera.

180°HD1080P Vehicle mobile camera


♠ 2 million AHD CMOS high-definition image sensor;

♠ Low illumination, low light night vision

♠ Effective resolution 1920(H)x1080(V);

♠ Coaxial HD output, with digital wide dynamic;

♠ Adaptive digital noise reduction, 2D-DNR, 3D-DNR;

♠ Waterproof grade IP69K;

♠ Working voltage DC 9-14V;

♠ 120°/180° (optional)

♠ Imaging effect: positive image

Customers in need can submit a free application form through the link below.


After receiving the application form, we will have a staff member to contact you.

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