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How do I perform professional performance testing on H.265 4K MDVR/ HD1080P Vehicle DVR/ Mobile DVR?

How do I perform professional performance testing on H.265 4K MDVR/ HD1080P Vehicle DVR/ Mobile DVR?


Wide-Power Testing

1)System component connections

Connecting in-vehicle cameras, 7" monitors, and, where possible, VGA LCDs, the bigger the better (CVBS, VGA at the same time).

2)Storage media installation

Inserting an SD card or HDD or SSD into the machine.

3)Power connection

On the power supply DC (9V ~ 36V), the power supply should be an adjustable voltage (current shall not be less than 3A) after the device starts, constantly fluctuating between 10.5V~ 36V, to detect whether the device starts or shuts down, recommended 30 times or more, MDVR in operation, not restarted then the wide voltage of the H.265 4K Mobile DVR power supply is stable.


A) storage media is confirmed to be intact, such as old storage media or storage media that already has bad tracts can easily interfere with test results, it is recommended to use brand new storage media.

B) H.265 4K vehicle DVR power management default power on voltage is 12V, (ACC 12V) that is, the ACC power on needs 12V, shutdown voltage is 10V, when the power on voltage drops to 10V, the system automatically shuts down, voltage sensitivity deviation ±0.5V.

Power management test

2 voltage differences are needed to set the power on, off voltage, so that the system collects voltage to avoid frequent on/off switching caused by the voltage fluctuation in the car, mainly for more stability and accuracy. When setting the on and off voltage, it should be noted that the set on voltage cannot be higher than the donor power (installed vehicle voltage) voltage, otherwise the system cannot be started. Setting the shutdown voltage is based on a minimum deviation of +0.5v from the vehicle battery; tested as follows.

After setting the switching voltage, adjust the variable power supply to see if the MDVR is turned off after it is lower than the shutdown voltage, and then stay for 1~2 minutes to see if it is restarted, if H.265 4K Car DVR is not restarted, then the test shutdown voltage is qualified.

Then adjust the voltage to the boot voltage, such as the system start, then the test boot voltage is normal, repeat the process 10 to 20 times to adjust the switch voltage.

Note: Be sure to pay attention to the start-up voltage can not be higher than the donor power (installation vehicle voltage) voltage

Illegal blackout protection data (market-speaking blackout video)

In the case of the normal video system to unplug the power directly and then, to see the H.265 4K MDVRMobile Digital Video Recorder is still running for 2 to 5 seconds, the test method is to use a camera against the power connection, when the line is unplugged, through the video playback function, if you can see the entire process of unplugging. Then the illegal unplugging protection video function qualified. This is the built-in 10V superpower, Faraday can be charged 10,000 times, the manufacturer's data), the above repeat the operation more than 10 times!

H.265 4K MDVR playback function

1/2/4/8/16/32 times fast playback can test the CPU performance of the device and resources is true, smooth without crashing without jamming smooth video screen. The description of hardware resources is abundant and genuine. If there is a jam, crash, then the MDVR hardware resources accessories low. Can not be completed to achieve this function.

Short circuit protection test

H.265 4K MDVR normal video recording, the output power short-circuit (positive and negative short-circuit caused by connecting the camera's power supply), the display prompts the camera no image View whether the MDVR system can run normally when the camera short-circuits is ruled out, the camera image returns to normal.

No alt text provided for this image

Note: It is recommended that the instant short circuit, such as a long-term short circuit may cause damage to the external fuse.

H.265 two test methods

A: Go into the device in the video settings - channel settings resolution 1080P quality 4M (high quality) frame rate P25, N30 (full-frame).

At the full-frame, shake your hand or an object in front of the camera to see if there is any stuttering or delay in the picture. If there is no such phenomenon, it means the picture is correct.

B: video playback, will automatically identify the resolution is (1080P) 1920x1080 (before using the MH.265 4K MDVR video settings: 1080P)

No alt text provided for this image

Note that the computer hardware configuration is too low (memory should be 8G or higher) to play smoothly, otherwise, it is recommended to play MDVR. 

One key lock disk technology

 One key lock disk technology, directly with the SSD (with shock absorber frame available very HDD) directly inserted inside the mechanism automatically locked, without the installation of other auxiliary components. Take the disk is also a key to unlock the eject SSD, repeat 10 times, pay attention to the life of the lock plate according to the number of hard disk use per day to take the disk with about 3 to 5 years!

 HDD, SSD can be in the case of vibration high and low-frequency video (professional laboratory) or a vibration machine available above or the environment of the vibration video. 

in -30~ +65 degrees in the environment, continuous startup and run for 48 hours (pay attention to the working environment of the hard disk, SD, hard disk or SSD in the 50 degrees or more began to dull the machine without a disk -40~+70 degrees can work), it is recommended that room temperature without shutdown for 3 days or a week or more to see if the video packaging time is abnormal, the time difference in the normal video package (± 0.2) seconds).

This complete set of tests down, you can ensure that the H.265 4K MDVR hardware performance to the stability and functionality of the powerful, I believe it is what you need, can be profitable for you in the future market security.

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